Hey my name is Mander. I enjoy life to the fulls and I just randomly wanted to make a Tumblr I don't expect many followers but I expect to follow many people. I love Cookies and Rainbows and my favorite color is Yellow! I'm a wonderful student and I expect great things out of myself.

Permalink Ill be hiking this mountain tomorrow its a 6 hour hike one way #pikes peak
Permalink Military styled rolled socks. Better start practicing now so I can do great in boot camp. I wanna be an honor child
Permalink Five guys burgers and fries… you dont have ro enhance this picture #fucking #amaZing # delicious #best burger in the world
Permalink Second day on the trip to Colorado were in Nebraska right now..
Permalink Saw this butterfly on the ground snaped some pics then moved it onto the bush. #nature #is #beautiful
Permalink Laundry day
Permalink Bed time :) #sleepy #tired
Permalink Say chese
Permalink At work
Permalink Lol his face… #funny #pictures #love
Permalink Me and my instagram whore lol
Permalink Chilling at home waiting to go to the beach
Permalink What was that!  #kitty